Being One  In A Million
Does Not Mean You’re Alone

Who We Are

Zoe’s Story is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the social-emotional health of children ages 7-17 who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses through journal writing.

What We Do

We invite children and their caregivers to join our free Writing Warriors program, where we provide each child with a journaling kit and provide them with writing prompts designed to help our Warriors use their voices as an outlet to combat mental anxiety and other stress related conditions often associated with living with a serious illness. Through writing, children can tell their personal stories and safely express their deepest emotions about everything from hospital stays to their favorite things to do when they are experiencing happy, pain-free days.

What began as one mother sharing her daughter (Zoe’s) story of empowerment through writing has expanded to become a multitude of voices from courageous children across the rare disease community. Since 2017, we continue to realize our mission of “Empowering Positive Mental Health Using the Power of the Pen”.

Coming Soon

The Writing Warriors Wellness App

The Writing Warriors Wellness app is designed for children ages 7-17. The app has two main objectives; 1) to encourage journal writing as an emotional outlet and 2) to encourage communication between children and their support system to build strong mental well-being. The Writing Warriors Wellness App proactively promotes ways to cope with anxiety, stress and depression and builds the healthy habit of using a creative outlet to deal with these emotions. The app will:


  • Remind your child to journal each day
  • Send daily customized prompts to your child based on data entered.
  • Guide your child through timed writing sprints using the journaling ladder method.
  • Capture data daily about how your child’s emotional well-being.
  • Send monthly trend data to those your child selects to be in their Warrior Circle.
  • Send alerts to those your child selects to be in their Warrior Circle if negative feelings are reported more than 2 consecutive days.